My NLS6 Journey – New Beginnings


It was with great trepidation that I walked to my first experience of conference and workshops in the LIS field. Having only completed a couple of subjects in my degree, I felt as though I would have little understanding of the topics discussed, not having any practical experience. I thought the keynote speakers would talk about subjects that while relevant to the field, would have not much practical application to where I was in my own study. I am happy to say, I was wrong. The atmosphere was one of welcome, regardless of work experience, and the issues were relevant to my work as a student. But the highlight for me was the idea that I wasn’t alone in my slightly panicking feeling that I was actually alone with my fears. There were several workshops and mini lectures that help allay those fears.

Raylene Jenson and Sophie Gow allowed me to feel as though the complete career change decision was a good one and I was headed down the right path. Thanks to @liber_amoris I think that if I leap, the net WILL appear. But the biggest fear that has become less is that I will fail. I will fail, but that’s ok, I will learn from it and not allow the fear of it stop me from trying to succeed (thanks @datalibsam). I have met many new and interesting industry professionals and feel reassured by the variance in their collective skills and interests. While I am no closer to deciding where I’d like to start my career, I’m suddenly confident of finding my fit.

The other surprising feeling I took from this event was that it was fun! My three favourite events were;

  1. ‘Designing Future Libraries’ with @rufflemuffin and @zaana. I had never attempted storyboarding, or the creation of persona’s before and can’t wait for an opportunity to try it again.    
  2. ‘Oh the places you will go: making the most of your creative self on your LIS career journey’. What’s not to love, a sing along with @katrinamac17, understanding your own value, and becoming known using social media such as Vlogs, although I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that step yet, I will start with a blog.
  3. ‘Buddy up to expand your horizons’ with @librarian_nic. This mini lecture helped me realise I have skills now that are relevant and can be carried across to the LIS field. I feel encouraged to rewrite my resume and be more confident in what I am able to offer as an employee.

So what am I going to do now? I am going to be bold, maybe not with bananas, but in presenting myself to the LIS community by expanding my PLN. I am going to attempt going online, starting with this reflection and I will advertise the fact on twitter. I will expand my skill set even as I embrace the ones I have. I will try to be bolder and put myself out there, because if I don’t try I cannot succeed, even if I fail at first. And finally, hopefully by the time NLS7 comes around I might even have the confidence to present. 

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